JL Ruiz

Irreversible damage

In this first book of a series on contemporary social justice activism, Katie, the youngest daughter of two Mexican-American lawyers, has lived a sheltered upbringing in the wealthy Paradise Valley neighborhood of Phoenix. Life there never prepared her for the upheaval and tragedy that was to surround her and many of her loved ones. Katie learns that changes affecting her life were instigated by forces and people far removed from her, and whose greed for political and financial gain means more to them than the lives they sacrificed along the way.

Motivated by these events and armed with the understanding that history shapes the present and will shape the future, Katie, surrounded by loyal friends, becomes a social activist whose ultimate achievement changes the lives and the future of hundreds of thousands of people whose wish is to have a small slice of the American dream.

“This book is a page-turner with an unexpected climax that one will not see coming at all. Every character is explained thoroughly and each story will connect in the end to give a complete understanding.  This book also addresses the issues we are currently facing in our society and. how, at times, we choose to turn our backs on.” 

Dr. Samira Fares

“For young readers especially, Ruiz has crafted an aspirational novel, one that encourages them to read more, learn more, and get out into the streets or halls of power to challenge injustice.” — Daniel Casey

100% of Profits will go to the Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation.

A New Literary Voice, JL Ruiz, Acknowledged with Three Finalist Honors by the International Latino Book Awards.

As Seen On

JL Ruiz, a new Mexican-American novelist has been named a two-time Award winner, for the prestigious International Latino Book Awards in the categories of Best Novel Adventure and Best Latino Focused Fiction Book. His novel, “Irreversible Damage: The Katie Suarez Social Justice Series,” received recognition in these categories: Best Young Adult Latino Focused Book; Best Latino Focused Fiction Book; and Best Novel – Adventure or Drama – English. The book’s cover has also been recognized in the Best Cover Illustration category for the cover artwork by artist Ignacio Gomez. The book will be released on June 12.

Praise for the book

“Fascinating story, with so many important historical facts interwoven into it, this is an eye-opener!”

Jerry Velasco
Mayor Pro Tem, City of El Monte

“A timely and poignant novel about a young Latina’s courage, about personal growth and following your heart no matter how costly it may be”

Kim Chavez La Plaza de Cultura y Artes


“Heartfelt, compelling and inspirational, combines intriguing storytelling with the major, present and past issues, facing our Mexican American community in the U. S. An important story about our people.”

Mike Gomez, Actor


“An empowering story of a young woman’s fight for justice.”

Ambassador Julian Nava, Actor

About the Author

JL Ruiz

Born in Mexico City, JL attended university at UNAM, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities on the continent. Relocated to the U.S. as a young man, he experienced the unique challenges and opportunities of a Mexican immigrant. He observed similar experiences by other immigrants as well as witnessed the life and perspective of countless U.S.-born Mexican-Americans.

With hard work and dedication, he became a highly respected dentist, researcher, and educator. Author of the textbook “Supra-gingival Minimally Invasive Dentistry” (Wiley-Blackwell), he has also published many research papers and clinical articles on adhesive and esthetic dentistry. Ruiz regularly lectures at all major dental meetings, nationally and internationally. He has been named one of the 50 Top Leaders in Dental Education in America.

JL enjoys a clientele of many stars and entertainers and has made numerous television appearances for his dental expertise, including NBC Channel 4 News, ABC’s News, Good Morning America & Vista La, VH1 and Channel 52’s Telemundo and 34 Univision. A lover of history, psychology, and culture, his socially charged novels offer a fresh understanding of how historical events shape the present and the future. A big fan of music and the arts, JL is a past member of two rock bands.

A Little Q&A Getting to Know JL

1. Q) I know you had a scientific textbook published by Wiley and many articles for dental journals do think that has helped you with your fiction writing?

A) Honestly, I always wanted to write fiction. Writing scientific texts has given me the discipline and courage to actually sit, write and express my thoughts in an organized fashion. My life experiences as an immigrant from Mexico, who has achieved the American dream have given me the life experience to see the world from multiple perspectives

2. Q) Would you say your books are mostly about Mexicans or Mexican-Americans?

A) No, my novels are American stories, where Mexican-Americans have very important roles, sometimes the central roles. The majority of the characters are not Mexican-American, reflecting real population ratios.

3. Q) What made you decide to become a fiction writer?

A) I felt a deep urge to tell stories I feel have not been told.

4. Q) Your first novel “Irreversible Damage”, speaks of the real possibility of having a damaged generation of Mexican-Americans, does this story resemble any experiences you have had?

A) A little, but I had to do a lot of research, and while doing so I discover the great suffering some Mexican-Americans have been having to endure for generations, how this has affected their present and will affect their future.